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My wife Violeta and I Jan 70 years decided to establish a senior living community, collective, cohousing in Majorca.
The reason is a desire to live in a senior community that has a safe, comfortable, enjoyable environment.
Standard to be high, international, serviced and with free living choices.

I myself from Denmark with over 12 years working in UK and 14 years in Spain, have experienced with
my mother what a stroke involves and do not want me or others to undergo what the public offers
immediately after the end of the hospital.

We took on the task, a responsibility I do not want to assign to our boys should needs arise.
For most, the 3 age is a nice time to be enjoyed.

My wife has a strong staff network in the elderly care and hotel sector in Spain.

We have initially selected 2 different living options where there will be mutual visits and exchange opportunities.
Not with to many recidents so good cohesion can occur like a big family.
Emphasis is placed on ecology, sustainability, community, comfort, quality and free activities with plenty of space.

Randa accommodation is the largest with 21 units on offer and with every conceivable facility,
Has 24/7 staff including nurse, a great place to start, friendships can be established and decisions made
about moving into alternative with 11 units.

Binissalem Finca is of fantastic quality, relaxed and with many activity opportunities quite voluntarily.

Both homes have built-in facilities and budgets for implementation, establishment of activities,
decisions on these must be taken jointly.

Why Majorca, the climate, the water is clean and warm, great healthy life style.

Very important, the hospitals in Majorca are top quality and English are spoken.

Majorca has everything and with an incredible variety of scenery. We have a large social network through family on the island.
It means a lot when shopping and performing tasks.

Denmark was the first country to create housing collectives and it is the same model that we follow:
Legal framework Spain:
Today, the legal instruments for the Co-op housing sector are:
• Article 129.2 of the Spanish Constitution, which "proclaims in particular that the public authorities will promote the
different forms of business participation and access to the means of production;
encourage community collaboration ".
• The 1999 General Cooperative Law (Ley general de Co-operativas, 1999)
• Royal Decree 136/2002 establishing the register of cooperative societies
• Act 5/2011 of 29. on social economy
• Order ECO / 3614/2003, which approves the standards. Accounting of cooperatives

Our Senior Co-op is run as a non-profit.
Each housing share has an equal vote.
Statutes are approved by a 2/3 majority, with a minimum of 50% of the voting rights.
The residents own the buildings and land collectively.

Since there may clearly arise additional needs for residents and security has high priority
Constitution of our S.Coop. measure staff presence.
This is a community where the framework has been expanded to facilitate the sometimes slippery transition
for further assistance with the associated security which should normally take place in a family's safe environment;
but which are often absent today.

If you have any questions, please contact me:
Mobil /Whatsapp: 34 660 693610

Senior Majorca S.Coop. is under foundation, which is managed by the law office in Majorca